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About DecaMax

DecaMax, a professional TFT-LCD panel and LCD monitor manufacturer, leads a total solution in LCD, embedded computer and relevant display products. For a goal of innovation and high quality, DecaMax has drawn together its own professional R&D expertise and enormous production capacity to consistently excel in the competitive marketplace. Furthermore, DecaMax has launched the enterprise resource planning (ERP) to integrate the data utilization and system and improve the corporate intercommunication; DecaMax also introduces a B2B e-commerce system to provide global customers the best business service and strengthen its company competitiveness.

DecaMax today continues to strengthen its product depth and range not just in the standard LCD displays, but also provides professional service in customizing products for different customer’s particular needs.

Innovation and high quality are the most important advantages of DecaMax. In the future, DecaMax will continue innovating new technology to satisfy customer’s requirements with our professional R&D team and after-sales service which is also the DecaMax’s mission now and in the future continuously.


DecaMax profile
Headquarters: Taipei
Factory location: Taiwan
Capacity: 360,000 unit/ year


Main products:

  • Industrial display solution
  • Consumer display solution
  • Medical grade display solution
  • Embedded computing solution
  • LCD display relevant components
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